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Our Aims

Alterocca was founded in response to a specific market's need:

Provide UK businesses, with a single source for all the quality Italian wines they need, as a realistic alternative to fine Bordeaux & French wines

Years in this market have taught us that reputable business struggle to find more than one or two quality wines in any distribuitor portfolio. As a result, several accounts need to be opened with a great negative impact on administartive costs and productivity.

We also believe that fine Italian wine is realistically the only commercial alternative to that of Bordeaux/France. This is because in the eyes of their consumers, the latter is much more than simply an exquisite drink: it is history, heritage and supreme quality, as much as the perfect balance of tradition and evolution.

These in a commercial sense are very desirable, profit-enhancing attributes to have. No other country and its products epitomise these attributes as much as Italy does. 'Made in Italy' is not just for Ferraris.

Bringing Unknown Masterpieces to the UK Market

As Italian wine was brought to the UK public at large by the humble pizzeria, it is often associated with basic Chianti in flasks and completely unrepresentative examples of Pinot Grigio. So with the exception of superstars such as Barolo, Brunello and Amarone or a few classic Super Tuscans, many highly lucrative Italian wines are not commercially exploited in the UK.

With wine representing the combination of grape variety, terrain and microclimate, Italy with its 350 autochthonous grape varieties and 473 quality-controlled areas of production is a wine-lover gold mine.

There are vast untapped resources and Alterocca is devoted to source the ones most suitable for the British consumer and bring these to market. The same apply to Prosecco and other Italian sparkling wines as this >> Italian Champagne.


Strict Selection Criteria

We select our wines according to a few, essential and equally important attributes. In no particular order:

  1. Taste
  2. Packaging1
  3. Originality
  4. Ability of the producer to provide the following:
      • Outstanding pre and after-sale support
      • 100% reliable supply chain
      • Consistent quality

Price is notably absent, because with our systematic approach to wine sourcing we let the consumer decide as illustrated in the next paragraph.



At Alterocca we believe that organizations should not only respond to market needs but work with what they know best. This is why, with an Italian founder we focus exclusively on fine Italian wines.

At the same time, we are also aware that not all our potential clients and, more importantly, not all the UK's consumers, are necessarily connoisseurs of these products. This is why we have developed a unique service of Pre & After Sale Client Support.

In addition, we have adopted a systematic approach to product sourcing. We use our knowledge of product and market to initially select wines we believe in; this being a prerequisite of successes. Then, we use qualitative and quantitative surveying methods to obtain a reilable indication of which wines have a true potential of commercial success in the UK's fine wines market.

As a result, we minimise risks while maximising our clients' market share. Simple.


Exceptional Client Support - Working in partnership with our clients

We put the same passion, care and attention to detail in helping our clients selling their wines, that our producers put into making them. We believe that the marketing of a wine starts with the choice of label and ends with the waiter/sommelier recommending - and ultimately selling - the wine to the consumer.

We also believe that the success of a product is based on effective partnership between the stakeholders. With wine a fitting analogy is relay run. Four partners with one goal: producer, agency, wholesaler/distributor, retailer.

This is why we provide a set of >>services aimed at giving our clients the best possible Pre & After Sale Client Support and we take a proactive role in all the stages of the marketing & sale process.

We believe in working with committed, open and passionate people, as these we like to think are the attributes that define us.

1 Research has shown that consumers use the label as the second discriminatory attribute when purchasing a wine http://www.wineintelligence.com/pdfs/How_do_consumers_select_wine.pdf



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