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Alterocca provides consultancy services to its clients and third parties. Some of the services are part of the Pre & After Sale Client Support service and are provided free of charge. Others attract a variable fee. Established clients can benefit from discounts. Services are available to wholesalers and retailers.

Staff Training

The driving forces behind high profits in quality restaurants are in the following order: wine sales, quality food and the right image. The standard mark-up on wines is 200% + VAT or more, even for wines costing tens of pounds per bottle. Also, providing the diners with the correct wine/food accompaniment advice results in repeated sales. Often clients without appropriate guidance choose the wrong wine for their food resulting in a total dislike of both as opposed to mutual enhancement. Yet having a sommelier is the exception rather than the rule for all but but the most prestigious restaurants. This is why we offer training and sales courses with our wines, designed to maximises sales for wholesalers and retailers.

Wine Tasting & Presentations
If requested we will gladly take an active role during any wine presentation or tasting events for corporate clients or VIP clients. We can also organise the whole event for you.

Menus, Wine lists design
With food & wine becoming more fashionable than ever in the UK, the right image is paramount for the success of any restaurant or wine related business these days. An easy to read, informative wine list and menu that are consistent with the corporate image are proven to help maximise sales. We can liaise directly with your clients to discuss their requirements and our design team can produce the final article in as little as 48 hours.

Wine Seminars on Fine Italian Wine & Champagne

These seminars are designed to enhance the understanding of fine Italian wine and Champagne. Some will be held by the producers while in the UK for exibitions or presentations, some in Italy on site.

Qualitative & Quantitative Surveys & Focus Groups
This service enables organisations to obtain a clear and statistically accurate image of a wine correlating to consumers or trade people.

Brokerage & Investments
Alterocca offer s the opportunity to purchase wine en primeur, a particularly attractive option in the current climate with strict Italian regulations on labelling and ageing of fine wines and producers needing capital.










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